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Why Ubiquitous Leadership is Important

I started my career working in I.T. and progressed into an Executive position.  During that period, I saw the transformation of many organizations.  Some failed and some succeeded.   The com...

Project Management Quick Tips

Golden Principles of Business Partnerships

Form partnerships with the talent. Over the years it has become my practice to make decisions related to service engagements by betting on the talent assigned and not the resources of the company nor the sal...

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A challenge to the open concept office.

We at Merlion Solutions seek to provide the best environment for our associates and software developers. While researching office environment options we compiled the following research about “open concept” offi...

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When is the stand-up?

As practitioners of agile methodologies, we here at Merlion Solutions, LLC hold a daily stand up with our team members. Before we could implement these meetings, a time to hold them had to be chosen and so we s...

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Full Stack what?

Have you heard the term Full Stack? It’s a technology buzzword which refers to the full complements of products that it takes to build a software solution. It includes the language, database, operating system, ...

Project Management Quick Tips Software

Picking Projects with Value Based Decision Making

Every company is faced with decisions on where to allocate resources and capital. Here at Merlion Solutions, LLC we use “Value Based Decision Making.” Today’s software development industry is in a c...

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Traditional vs Agile Development Contracts

Here at Merlion Solutions we recognize that contracting is an inherently complicated process, even more so in an industry of high complexity and uncertainty such as software development. To ease this burden, th...

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Fundamentals of Managing Software Projects

Software projects are undertaken for many reasons.  They could be for entering new markets, refreshing old technology, integrating diverse systems, reducing operational cost. Software projects can even ari...

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Make Redux Reducers Readable using the Factory Pattern

If you’ve never used Redux before, a common issue that most developers will run into is the readability of the reducers that are built to maintain state. How do we know that this is a problem? Redux itsel...